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Heating oil

Fuel Company "Rusneftesnab" engaged in the supply of petroleum products on the Russian Federation and also deliveies fuel oil. Supply of furnacel oil is  carried by road to Moscow and its neighboring area. JSC "Rusneftesnab"  supplies heating oil by rail to all regions of Russia.

Heating oil is used in stationary steam boilers, industrial furnaces. Heavy motor fuel is used in ship power plants. Furnace fuels include residual oil grades 40 and 100, produced according to GOST 10585-99, to heavy motor fuel - admiraly fuel oil F-5 and F-12 according to GOST 10585-99. In the overall balance of these fuels, the main place is occupied by fuel oil of petroleum origin.

Buy furnace oil you can contact our company by phone: 8-800-7000-800 (toll free from Russia) and 7-495-514-02-76. Price for heating oil, you can find in the relevant section of our site - Cost of production.

Heating oil is intended for burning in heating installations of low power, located close to residential areas, as well as in heat generator of middle power, used in agriculture for feed preparation, drying grain, fruit, canning and other purposes.

Sale of petroleum products is carried out on Russian territory by road and rail. Delivery of  dark fuel (furance oil) is carried out for industrial enterprises and organizations that use in the manufacture and consume fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and other petrolium products.

Demands which are made to the quality of fuel oil, heavy motor and marine fuels, establishing conditions for their application, are determined by such quality indicators as viscosity, sulfur content, calorific value, freezing temperature and flash, the water content, mechanical inclusions and ash content.

Standard for fuel oil (GOST 10585-99) or, as it is often called, furnace fuel, implies production fuels of  4 brands: admiraly fuel oil F-5 and F-12, which are classified, according to viscosity rate, into light fuels, residual oils of grade 40 - as middle and grade 100 as  heavy fuel. Sale of furnace oil is carried out  throughout the Russian Federation. The numbers indicate an  approximate viscosity of respectivegrades of fuel oil at 50 ° C.

Shipment of the fuel oil is carried by rail directly from the factory - manufacturer. Delivery of fuel by rail is needed  to supply  industries and organizations that use in the manufacture and consume fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and other petroleum products.

Furnace oil grades 40 and 100 are made from petroleum residues. In mazut 40 for reducing the freezing temperature to 10 ° C, add 8-15% srednedistillyatnyh factions, mazut 100 diesel fractions do not add. Bunker oil grades P-5 and F-12 designed for combustion in ship power plants. In comparison with fuel oil grades 40 and 100, they have better characteristics: lower viscosity, the content of mechanical impurities and water, ash content and lower pour point.

Admiraly fuel oil grade F-5 is produced by mixing products of direct distillation of crude oil: In most cases, 60-70% of oil makes up straight-run black oil and 30-40% of straight diesel fuel with the addition of depressant. It is allowed to use in its composition to 22%  fractions of secondary processes, including light gas oil catalytic and thermal cracking. Bunker oil grade F-12 produce in small quantities in plants straight distillation of crude oil. The main differences of fuel oil from the F-12 F-5 are more stringent requirements on the content of sulfur (0.6% vs 2.0%) and less stringent requirements on the viscosity at 50 ° C (12 ° to 5 ° BY clause).

Furnace oil is produced from diesel fractions of direct distillation and secondary origin, i.e. overhead products of thermal, catalytic cracking and coking. Fuel characteristics are in accordance with TU 38. 101656-87 and listed in the table. Due to  fractional composition, domestic heating oil may be  heavier than diesel fuel according to GOST 305-82 (up to 360 ° C, distilled to 90% instead of 96%, the viscosity of fuel oil to 8.0 mm2 / s at 20 ° C against 3,0-6 , 0 mm2 / diesel).
It is not normalized and iodine cetane number, cloud point temperature. During the processing of sulfur crudes mass fraction of sulfur in the fuel - up to 1,1%.

In the period from April 1 to September 1, it is allowed to produce fuel which freezing point is not higher than - 5 ° C. To improve low-temperature properties of fuel oil in industrial use depressor additives, synthesized on the basis of a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate.