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Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" is  the structural organization engaged in the supply of light, petrol and diesel, as well as, dark, bitumen, fuel oil, as fuel for the domestic market of the Russian Federation and the markets both far and abroad.

The high quality of the supplied fuel is a major priority of the company "Rusneftesnab".

JSC "Rusneftesnab" engaged in the supply of petroleum products on the Russian Federation. Supply of fuel is carried out by road in Moscow and its regions. JSC "Rusneftesnab"  make shipment of petroleum products, fuel oil, bitumen, diesel and gasoline by rail to the regions of the Russian Federation.

Our goal is to provide our consumers only with quality petroleum products in the shortest possible time in view of a rational pricing policy.

The characteristics of fuel directly affects the production rates of enterprises and organizations which are direct consumers of petroleum products. For example, the dark fuel are a barometer of regional, urban heating systems,power plants. Hence, high viscosity and limit of inflammability increase the cost for heating and kinling. High content of sulfur and excessive ash leads to premature wear of equipment. The quality of gasoline and diesel fuel impact on the activities and efficiency of bus fleets, small and backup power plants, as well as private motor trasport. Rates of jet fuel TS-1 guarantees safety of air trasport traffic for passengers and cargo.

Yoy can buy oil by contacting us by phone: 8-800-7000-800 (toll-free in Russia) and 8-495-514-02-76. Price of fuel, such as gasoline, bitumen, diesel and fuel oil, can be found in the relevant section of our site - the cost of production.

Consequently, employees' "Rusneftesnab" have a clear idea of the quality of supplied products so in order to maintain the required quality they take the following arrangements:

  • Shipment of products according to GOST;
  • Monitoring of rates  and changes of fuel quality;
  • Providing and updating certificate of quality;
  • Implementation of direct shipments from manufacturers;
  • A further analysis of supplied petroleum products (if needed).

Sale and delivery of oil products is carried out in Russia by road and rail. Delivery of the dark fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, fuel and light, benizn diesel fuel is carried out for industrial enterprises and organizations that use in the manufacture and consume fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and other petroleum products.

Delivery of fuel to the consumer is always carried out in time. Processing an application for fuel supply, employee select neded fuel, based on the geographical features of the region, effecting  environmental and technological requirements for the quality of goods (permissible operating temperature, etc.).

Particular attention is paid to the quality of light fuel, ensuring the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel with improved environmental features, coordinating to the international standards. Thus, we hold the direction chosen by the Ministry of Energy, draft the plan for a law "On circulation of oil", in which will be taken into account the requirements and guidelines of the European Union on the standards applied to the quality of gasoline and diesel fuel.

Focusing on the final consumer, Joint Stock Oil Company "Rusneftesnab" covers most regions of the Russian Federation, from the North - Western region to the Far East, about 70% of fuel supplies are in the Central and Southern regions of the country. It is contributed by a considearble customer database and a structured system of supplies to the most remote areas, a key element of which is the transportation component.

As the company "Rusneftesnab" adheres to the planning system of work, so  stability and regularity of fuel supply is a foreground task for the Company.

Having determined the area of shipment, employees take into account  the specifics of area and relief features, further they plan an appropriate delivery scheme. Depending on the conditions of transportation and types of fuel it could be delivered by rail, pipeline or road transport. As a result it minimizes costs, and delivery periods, allowing partners to receive more quality products in time.