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Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" is the  structural organization engaged in the supply of light, petrol and diesel, as well as, dark, bitumen, fuel oil, as fuel for the domestic market of the Russian Federation and the markets both far and abroad.

In the era of rapidly developing market relations in the light of fierce competition it is possible to survive only those enterprises that have their work strategy focusing on mobility and efficiency and at the same time fulfilling their obligations before customers.

Data quality allow to respond to the market conditions, monitor the dynamics of development, to get necessary information  to make effective decisions. All in one it makes possible to achieve stability in the work. All the links in the chain, one of which is suppliers, should be regulated to meet these conditions.

Buy oil you can by contacting with our company by phone: 8-800-7000-800 (toll-free in Russia) and 8-495-514-02-76.  Price for fuel, such as gasoline, bitumen, diesel and fuel oil, can be found in the relevant section of our site - the cost of production.

The stability of supply and quality of petroleum products are the priorities of  JSC "Rusneftesnab", which is specified both in its own raw materials and products of mining and processing enterprises.

Stock Oil Company "Rusneftesnab" has great experience in cooperating with leading oil companies of the Russian Federation, our company takes the position of a reliable supplier in the domestic market with the constant expansion of regional supply.

The strategy of geographic expansion is the result of the continuous search for new partners for further mutually beneficial cooperation, strengthening of  previously established relationships and use of additional reserves.

The transition from a command economy to market economy made the market participants to introduce new forms of relationships. In the post-Soviet period, the dynamically developing Russian economy faced with a task to reorganize  large-scale and unique in many respects economic structure, remained from the previous system. It was professional changes of the interaction system, based on the existing data base, taking into account new market realities, and as a result, formed the most effective mechanism of functioning, as practice has shown.

In the process of work company contacts with various institution. Besides oil companies, it is also financial institutions, state and municipal organizations, public and charitable funds. Multifaceted forms and types of relationships implies a comprehensive approach in relation  with partners. There is a need to consider all the factors to achieve full partnership.

Stock Oil Company "Rusneftesnab" understands that cooperation as joint interaction of market participants, aimed at achieving of assigned goals. This approach, in the conditions of  dynamic market, determines the stability of activity and constant growth of enterprises and organizations potential . Fundamental to the process of cooperation is the business ethics with its business principles, namely: honesty in business with partners, responsibility, transparency and proper fulfillment of obligations. These principles allow the company "Rusneftesnab" to take a firm position on the fuel market today, as well as confidently face the future.

Supply and sale of petroleum products is carried out on Russian territory by road and rail. Delivery of the dark fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, fuel and light, benizn diesel fuel is made for industrial enterprises and organizations that use in the manufacture and consume fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and other petroleum products.