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Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" is the structural organization engaged in the supply of light, petrol and diesel, as well as dark, bitumen, fuel oil, as fuel for the domestic market of the Russian Federation and the markets near and far abroad.

The oil industry is a strategically important area of life in each region of Russia. Any company or organization uses oil as fuel or raw materials for further production. But before the product reaches its goal, it will undergo a full production cycle (exploration, drilling wells, oil production, refining, supply of fuel and oil), one of that links is "Rusneftesnab". However,   only taking of strong-willed and rational decisions, well-designed policies for business partnerships, high staff training may guarantee a competent and efficient work. Applying these principles, we have decided to point out a number of values, which are the guarantee of stability and high efficiency of the enterprise.

Comfort - we pay great attention to creation appropriate working conditions and a favorable psychological climate that help each employee to be effective and also enjoy his work. In particular we are talking about  a proper organization of a workplace employee, maintainance the balance between working time and rest periods, maintainance the optimal intensity of labor, creation an environment in which the employee feels his social security, respect to every employee, regardless of position, etc.

Professionalizm - we rely on the knowledge, experiance that has been accumulated for years, further training and development of our staff.

Development - to fuel company ZAO "Rusneftesnab" it is extremely important to maintain an active development of company, based on the employees' initiative. We perceive the achievement of goals as a chance to define thew tasks.

Innovation - we develop new ideas that contribute to the further development of the Company.

Traditions - we adhere to the good traditions,use knowledge and experience of predecessors, bow before the wisdom and welcome mind and wit.

Passion - we are sure that only genuine dedication gives man joy, and allows him to unlock the creative potential. We believe that passionate people can live more harmoniously and develop outside raboty.Kadry - the main potential of our enterprise, which is undoubtedly the greatest asset of the Company.

Every employee has the opportunity to creatively express themselves in work, to participate in public life, to give time to his family and education.

Kindness - facilitates work with business partners and create an atmosphere within the new ideas and discoveries.

Performance - we strive to achieve maximum results with minimum cost (financial, human, time, etc.) Importantly, to achieve a serious level of efficiency can only be subject to a high professional and responsible attitude to their duties.

Unity - striving toward a common goal, understanding and supporting each other both in the workplace and in everyday life.

Honesty and integrity - the basis of relations with our partners. In assessing their capabilities, we assume no obligation to try to perform even the most difficult situation.