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Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" is the structural organization engaged in the supply of light, petrol and diesel, as well as, dark, bitumen, fuel oil, as fuel for the domestic market of the Russian Federation and the markets near and far abroad.

Founders of ZAO "Rusneftesnab" was a group of managers of enterprises and organizations which in 2003 decided to join forces to supply fuel and lubricants, such as fuel oil, bitumen, diesel, gasoline, both for their own needs and for the supply of industrial enterprises and organizations which use a producing and consuming fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline and other petroleum products.

Delivery of fuel is carried out by road transport to Moscow and the Moscow region and adjacent areas. Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" carries out shipment of the fuel in the territory of the Russian Federation by rail.

In this regard, a number of strategic solutions was taken that allow to quickly solve problems for resource planning, shipping and transporting of fuel, in order to avoid the delays and disruptions of supply, which is an important factor for the byuer - directly to the consumer, using fuel  in the production.
Our customers are:

  • Generation Companies (CHP power plant),
  • Municipal housing management
  • Plants and production associations,
  • Collective and individual farms,
  • Fishing enterprises
  • Construction companies
  • Forestry,
  • Metallurgical enterprises
  • Producing organization.

Developed geography makes it possible to take into account such factors as the location of enterprise customers, refinery, transportation costs, chemical and other characteristics of products supplied.

Training  employees of our company are an integral part of the production process  where it is constantly being upgraded training and an enabling environment for employment and self-actualization of each employee.

Principles and values of the fuel company "Rusneftesnab", as well as competent personnel policy allowing to hold a steady course of development, as  for each employee and the organization as a whole.

One of the structural element  of our organization is an extensive network of representatives, that are constantly working in several regions of the country and carrying out important informational and analysis tasks. Thus, the fuel company ZAO "Rusneftesnab" pays great attention to cooperation with public and private enterprises and takes great interest in it.