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Your career

Fuel Joint Stock Company "Rusneftesnab" is a structural organization engaged in the supply of light, petrol and diesel, as well as, dark, bitumen, fuel oil, as fuel for the domestic market of the Russian Federation and the markets both far and abroad.

Oil Company JSC "Rusneftesnab" is interested in hiring and employment of professional and talented specialists.

The uniqueness of any business is the uniqueness of the people who represent it. We strive to make our business especial for our customers, and therefore we are extremely attentive to the development and preservation of human resources.

Oil Company JSC "Rusneftesnab" takes the position of successfully developing company, which is always a step ahead of emerging issues. For this purpose JSC  "Rusneftesnab" organizes a permanent in-house training for the staff in ordrr to exchange experiences and professional knowledge.

The company invests in employees and encourages their desire to constantly develop and improve their level of professionalism.

Senior colleagues are always ready to share experiences and help young professionals to improve professional skills. Because without highly qualified specialists and managers, our company will not be able to move forward. Oil Company JSC "Rusneftesnab" supports all initiatives and innovations aimed at improving production and management activities both within the company and outside it.

The main directions of  personnel policy of the Company are:

  • Hiring and adaptation specialists and chiefs;
  • Development and career including a system of continuous learning and program of candidates pool;
  • Motivation including the promotion for his individual contribution to the team result

The combination of an excellent education and practical experience of each of the spacialis which is an important contribution to the overall success of the business as a whole, and thus, to the success of our customers.

Our company is constantly working to find talented professionals, to contribute their development and regular training and also to improve their professional skills and business acumen.